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Video production was my job
from the the Viking Voyage → 
until I began teaching in 2008.

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The Men Who Would Be Viking   (2003  •  59 min)

Told by a member of the crew, this is the story of Viking Voyage 1000: the replica Viking ship Snorri and its 1997-1998 voyages retracing the path from Greenland to North America taken by Leif Eriksson one thousand years earlier.

Rubbers   (2004  •  7 min)

Awarded Best Directing, Best Acting, Best Film,

48 Hour Film Project Boston

Created from scratch in 48 hours

Just Add Water   (2007  •  29 min)

Go behind the scenes of the creation of New York City's first floating swimming pool since the last "floating baths" were removed from the NYC waterfront in the mid-20th century. History, architecture, and social justice combine in this tale of inspired form, function, and triumph against the odds.


Alaska Reel  (2007  •  3 min)

Timelapses, Landscapes, and more

Filmed for Moore Huntley Productions & The History Channel

Miscellaneous Small Films

2-minute review: Citizen Kane

Flash animation:
Team Torpor ident

3D animation: Flicker

3D animation: Demolition

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