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Viking Voyage 1000

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Photo credit: Russell Kaye

The Vikings are coming! The Vikings are coming... again!

Last summer, twelve daring men set sail from the rocky coast of Greenland in Snorri, an authentic replica of a Viking knarr. Led by dreamer and adventurer W. Hodding Carter, they were determined to recreate Leif Eriksson's historic voyage from Greenland to Newfoundland of 1,000 years ago.

Navigating by the sun and the stars like the Vikings of old, Hodding and his intrepid crew encountered icebergs, awesome beauty...and the disappointment of being forced to abandon their expedition. The rudder broke, but not their spirits. Wiser for the experience, their dreams are intact and once the ship is repaired, they'll set out again.

Join us as the adventure unfolds and the website grows

Learn about the building of Snorri and the ships that inspired her. Sagas of Viking lore. Meet Carter, his captain and crew of eight as they share their reflections on last year's attempt. Then join them on Greenland's shores as they try out three new rudders, and choose which they'll hang their dreams on.

Once the ship is launched, follow their adventure "live" via journals and digital images. You'll even be able to become part of the saga by sending your questions to the crew.

Be a Viking this summer. Follow the ongoing saga as Viking Voyage 1000 heads for the New World.