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Reports From Greenland

Updates from Greenland as we count-down to launch. To follow the whole story, day-by-day, simply click the links below.

Click on pictures below to view the story

June 27, 1998
Sailing Snorri dictates practice,practice, practice.
Report by John Gardner

June 26, 1998

Snorri sets sail for sea trials
Report by Rob Stevens

June 26, 1998

Crew gets a case of the "yippees"
Report by W. Hodding Carter

June 24, 1998
Let the Games Begin!
John Ingham reports from

June 21, 1998
Launch preparations continue for Snorri

John Ingham reports...

June 19, 1998
What's up in Nuuk?
John Ingham reports from Greenland
Photo galley - see the latest pics

June 18, 1998
Snorri is back in the water!
John Ingham reports from