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Reports From Greenland

Sailing Snorri dictates practice,practice, practice.

Author: John Gardner Lat/Lon: 64 11' N 51 48' W
Location: Nordlob
Course: North
Speed: 5 knots
Weather: Sunny 65 degrees F. Wind 5-10 W
Sightings: A little ice, a few birds - a couple of Greenlanders

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Log Date: June 26, 1998

The morning started off with Hodding's famous oatmeal with cranberries. Walnuts, brown sugar and maple syrup are optional. Rob's on K.P. and makes quick work of it - smartly storing everything below the foredeck. Hodding and Homer put away the two-man kayak.

We found the sail to have a tear due to chafe on the forward bite beam, where the yard rests when down. Doug is doing the canvas work. It's the first of the voyage. Hodding, Terry and John A. are putting tension on the whitney line which holds the rudder in place.

Finally...we're sailing again! There is a rotation of positions so everyone will feel comfortable doing them all. Doug takes us out with Terry and Dean on the afterdeck to man the sheets and braces. Hodding, Rob, and Erik handle the foredeck bow line and tack.

After a couple of tacks, Hodding volunteered for a "Man overboard!" drill, and we were able to retrieve him (in his immersion suit) in just over five minutes. Sea conditions were ideal.

The charts are out as we search for a suitable anchorage...We've found one near Qeqertasugssuk in Nipisat Sound.

We haven't seen the seals of yesterday. Rob thought he heard a whale - but we haven't sighted one, yet.

It's easy to lose track of time as there are almost 24 hours of daylight here. The sun sets just before midnight - rises just after. We are enjoying our first night away from town, even though we are going back tomorrow.

It is a taste of the start of the voyage.

Question of the day:

We are using six rowing stations. Each station is a little different due to the height of the oar port above the water. Some of the crew like to row standing forward, others standing aft. Each crew member has his own theory about the question of the day. ( The most important consideration is comfort. Other factors that come into play: height, bite beams and deck space.) So, here goes...What stroke is more efficient? Short or long?

We look forward to your comments!

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