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Cast and Crew

Homer Williams

Transatlantic crossings are a family affair for Homer Williams, 19. The native of Boyne City, Michigan, learned to sail with his grandfather, who holds the record for oldest man to complete a transatlantic crossing single-handedly in a 30-foot sailboat. Williams himself owns five sailboats and spends just about every waking moment during his summers on the waters of the Great Lakes or Lake Charlevoix. When not sailing, or downhill skiing in the winter, Williams focuses his considerable energies on his handmade log furniture business.

Looking ahead

"Last year I think we were crippled by not having enough time for sea trials, but this year we won't be in such a time crunch and I don't really see any reason why we shouldn't make it all the way across," says Williams. "We should be able to travel at a much more pleasing pace, giving us time to stop to get off and smell the roses where we like. Also we will now have a much better chance of following the intended route all the way up to Sisimiut, crossing the Arctic Circle, which is very important to all of us. I expect it will be as much fun as last summer, or even better."