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Cast and Crew

Robert Stevens, Master Boatbuilder
Last year, Rob Stevens, 42, was one of two people who both built the knarr and actually sailed on it. This year he'll return to the Greenland coast, better prepared and even more excited.

As a child, Stevens was captivated by the ocean, especially the beauty of the boats and the tools used to build them. He grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, spending as many hours as he could in boatyards. He later moved on to boatbuilding in the Washington, D.C. area before heading to Maine. There, he studied with his mentor, Dave Foster, at the Rockport Apprentice Shop. Among Stevens' accomplishments are contributing to the rebuilding of the Bowdoin, a schooner built in 1922 that made 28 trips to the Arctic Circle, and helping to build the pinky Maine.

As much as Rob enjoys building new boats from scratch, he spends a lot of time restoring old craft. "I love new construction, but it's repairs that pay the bills in a boat yard," he says. "And projects like this one don't come along every day."

Rob's reflections
"I was captivated by the process of building Snorri, and now I am captivated by the process of repairing her and making her more seaworthy," says Stevens, who spent much of the winter working with a naval architect and an archeologist to design a stronger rudder framing system for the knarr. "After doing even more research, I understand how to correct our problem in a 'Viking' manner. In fact, I really feel like I understand a lot more about every aspect of this voyage, from natural history and geography to the daily lives of both the Inuits and the Vikings. I am fascinated by people's ability to live in that climate.

"It was great to get as far as we did last year, and it's great to get to go back and do it again. I can't wait to return to Greenland."