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Cast and Crew

Dean Plager

Dean Plager, 56, of Norwegian heritage, has always claimed to be a Viking. A native of Iowa, Plager moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1975 to learn ocean sailing. After mastering his sailing skills, he captained his own boat, The Viking Rose (a Shannon 38) along the coasts of the Northeast and Canadian Maritimes. In 1995, Plager closed his consulting office to pursue blue-water sailing, and since then he has made several voyages with his crew. In 1996, he spent 90 days offshore, sailing about 10,000 miles to such places as Madeira, Spain and the Canary Islands.

Plager holds a commercial airplane pilot's license, and more than 500 hours of flying has helped hone his navigational skills and knowledge of weather patterns. Below the ocean, he is a certified Scuba Dive Master, and on shore Plager is a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. His diverse background will continue to be a major asset to the crew of Viking Voyage 1000.

Plager on past and future

"Last summer's voyage was the trip of my dreams. Our first night out crossing the Davis Strait was one of the most incredible sailing experiences I have ever had. The wind was strong, the boat was sailing well, the moon was full, the night was clear and the sky was full with northern lights. Two or three hours later, the rudder was broken, we were adrift, and the trip was over.

"But it doesn't really bother me that we didn't make it. In fact, if I could plan everything perfectly, I would do exactly what we are doing now. Last summer was practice for this summer's adventure and I can't wait to get back to Greenland and set sail again."