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Cast and Crew

Theron (Terry) L. Moore, Captain

Captain Terry Moore, 36, is well-suited to captain the Viking knarr. A native of Virginia, Moore grew up "in, on, under or around water," sailing with his father on the Chesapeake Bay. While a student at William and Mary College, he spent a semester studying the marine environment and formed his destiny there.

As an environmental education instructor for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and as a sailing instructor for Outward Bound, Moore has spent thousands of hours in all kinds of boats and all kinds of water. Among his most memorable journeys: sailing from Turkey through the Mediterranean, down the coast of Africa and across the Atlantic to the British Virgin Islands. And of course, last summer on Snorri crossing Davis Strait.

The captain's view

"The late start and our slow progress, courtesy of the erratic coastal weather, were frustrating. But we learned an incredible amount about the boat, and about each other. I think as a result of last summer we have much more realistic expectations, plus a season's experience to fall back on when the next unexpected thing pops up.

"That's the challenge and the fun: using your skill to deal with whatever comes your way. It is going to take us two summers to do what we thought we could do in one. Perhaps that's a little karmic repayment for not allowing enough time in the first place. Rule number one with boats: things take longer than you think they will."