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Cast and Crew

John Gardner

John Gardner, 30, a "strong, silent type," developed his love of wooden boatbuilding and sailing as a young boy in Michigan. After studying finance at Michigan State University and spending three years in the field, Gardner traveled to Hawaii to surf and sail while supporting himself as a bartender. But the siren song called him back: he returned to boatbuilding as part of the team that constructed Snorri for Viking Voyage 1000. And then he became a member of the crew.

Looking ahead

"After working on the knarr, it was a terrific opportunity to actually sail her, and I am really looking forward to going back this year," says Gardner who spent the winter months working with Rob Stevens on the Snorri's rudder framing and on a wooden boat docked at a nuclear submarine base in Georgia. "Hopefully this year we'll do better since we have more information to work with in terms of time constraints. I know one thing I'll do differently myself: take more photos and keep a journal! The trip is too amazing not to record it in detail."

Gardner currently lives in Phippsburg, Maine, near Rob Stevens' boat shop.